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This course is best for:

Students who are currently in Year 7 wanting to build a strong base in Mathematics

Year 7 Mathematics

Current Term:

Term 1 2022

Starting Date:

29th of January 2022




10 Weeks

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Course Overview

The Year 7 Mathematics tutoring program lays a strong foundation for students undertaking the NESA Stage 4 syllabus. The goal is to lay a strong base of concepts and knowledge for young maths students wishing to excel in their senior years.

Course Structure
2-hours weekly
theory lesson 
10 Weeks
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What you will get

Results driven

Our teaching approaches are driven by results.

Our tutors all have achieved exceptional results themselves and have gone through a strict vetting process in order to work with us. 

Weekly Reporting

Our online classroom system along with weekly quizzes will enable progress tracking and identify knowledge gaps. 

Small Classes

Our small class structure will allow students to take a deep dive into the theory behind every syllabus dot-point. We focus on teaching from the ground up so that no knowledge gaps are left behind.

World-Class Resource

Our comprehensive teaching plan, exams and quizzes are written by experienced education creators. 

Exam-style homework questions will prepare our students train exam technique from the start.


Each tutor has up-to-date understanding of the syllabus of their subjects. 

Our teaching materials are written by the best creators.

Exam Readiness

Weekly quizzes and termly exams are strictly done under timed conditions, which will prepare students to excel in school exams. 

Sidney Cityscape

We Help Year 7-12 Students in NSW to Maximise Their Academic Potential Through World-Class Tutoring. 

Let us know what we can do for you.

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